Spit Jack Calls it Quits......For now....
Fare thee well, Spit Jack. The notorious local punk band will call it a career with one last show at Charlie O's in Montpelier this Friday, July 18, with Pity Whores and Tsunamibots. The split comes on the heels of the band realizing they had succeeded in their four-year quest to get kicked out of every bar in Vermont. Or because vocalist Mike Toohey is moving to the West Coast. I don't recall which. Anyway, thanks for the lack of memories, SJ. It's been a blast. I think.
Charlie O's Reopens with Spit Jack
Moving on, the other cool show at Charlie O's this weekend marks the welcome return of notorious local punk band Spit Jack, who headline a show with vicious gift (see the review of thier demo on page 66) and Broken Frames on Friday, April 11. SJ have been holed up in recent months breaking in a new drummer, Travis Collins, who replaces Seth Roya, who replaced original drummer Mike Forester, who may or may not have choked to death on someone else's vomit. Or he moved to Michigan. I can never remember which.

Anyway, point is, Spit Jack are back. And I gotta say, they make a curious choice as a band to book so soon after doing a deep clean of your venue. After all, this is a band whose stated ambition is to get kicked out of every bar they play. Methinks this can only end badly, which is to say awesomely. [Read More...]
Soundbites: Predicting the Year to Come in Local Music
Last but not least, Stowe has had a notable live-music void since the Rusty Nail shut its doors about a year ago — which may or may not have had something to do with a rather notorious incident involving local punk band Spit Jack, whiskey, violence and vomit. After consulting with the 7D legal team, let’s say “not.” .........................................
In the meantime, Rusty Nail dudes, I do have Spit Jack’s number if you need it. [Read More...]
Hughtoberfest Kick Off Party!
In other central Vermont news, local punks Spit Jack are hosting their annual Hughtoberfest party this Friday, October 11, at Hostel Tevere in Warren. What is Hughtoberfest, you ask? Great question! It’s a festival thrown by SJ guitarist Tom Theohary every October in honor of his neighbor, Hugh. Now that we have that squared away, this year’s lineup features the Hardcore Sallies, State of the Union and, of course, Spit Jack, who will very likely attempt to get kicked out of their own festival, cuz they’re awesome like that. [Read More...]
Spit Jack gets shout out by pro snowboarder Rich Whinnie
Here is a rapid fire of the other things that’s right with snowboarding: Jacob Clute RIP brother!, All of my regional team riders ’cause they’re loyal, passionate, and they rip, Interior Plain Project, Jake Durham, Make Friends or Die, Kevin Castanheira, Spit Jack, Josh Reid, Paul Maravetz, Sully, Anna Starr, Cafiero, Grady, Theo Muse, Bald E-Gal, Marc Moline, flop houses, couch surfing, fast food, 12 Months, Brothers Factory, Flanel Lifestyles, Local Gnar, first chair, so much more but I can’t think right now! [Read More...]
State's Rowdiest band.......
.........Rounding out central Vermont rocking, Spit Jack augmented their rep as the state’s rowdiest band with a debut that might get them kicked out of every record store in the state. [Read More...]
Whiskey Eyes gets mentioned in Seven Days Scene Poll
Beckie Sheloskie (talent buyer at Charlie O’s, Montpelier)

Local album: Spit Jack, Whiskey Eyes [Read More...]
Spit Jack on Rocket Shop Local Music Radio Hour
Spitjack members Mike Toohey and George Eget appeared in the BHW studio again last night to join Samantha for ‘Rocket Shop.’ When asked about their intentions showing up, Tuhey just laughed. “I don’t know, man. We were just getting some food when [Mike] Forester told us we should head up here.” [Read More...]
Spit Jack Fact and/or fiction
Everything you are about to read concerning Vermont punk band Spit Jack is absolutely, 100 percent true. Well, most of it’s true. OK, at the very least, some of it is. Or, as Stephen Colbert might say, there is “truthiness” in every word that follows. Mostly.

In the roughly 18 months since they formed in central Vermont, Spit Jack have earned a reputation as the state’s rowdiest band, and a fantastic mythology has sprung up around them. To wit, you may have heard they’ve been kicked out of every show they’ve ever played. What you may not know is that even in civilian life, they try to get booted from wherever they go: the library, grocery stores, a nephew’s bris. And yes, sometimes they go to the library. [Read More...]
Spit Jack on the Taz Michaels Show
"The tracks from ‘Whiskey Eyes’ were a mad mixture of both laid-back and hectic jams, with rapid drum-lines driving thrashing guitar riffs. While some semblance of inspirations, such as Motley Crüe and Black Flag, were evident, the group kept the songs fresh with serious and frequent pace changes, making for one rocking experience. However, as Mike Forester explained after the session, the inspiration is quite simple: “Basically, ‘can you ride fast to it?’” [Read More...]
Queen City Commotion: Spitjack: Party On
Instead of channeling their charging, energetic sound into essentially an extended list of grievances against the world, Spit Jack always attacks their music with a refreshing and impeccable sense of fun without getting bogged ...
Spit Jack Knocks Out Power to Burlington City Block
And then Spit Jack took the stage.

I’ve been curious about this newish local punk band since I started hearing the rumors about them getting kicked out of their own shows. That’s just the sort of over-the-top, rock-and-fucking-roll shenanigans that warm my snarky critic’s heart.

The band exuded ragged, boozy swagger as it tore through two bruising punk anthems. The crowd, a healthy percentage of whom were adorned in Spit Jack trucker caps, went batty. I started wondering how many bonus points I could award if they got booted from this show. Then, just as SJ launched into their third slobbering snarl fest, the lights went out. Like, pitch black.

As the emergency lighting came on, security began herding a confused crowd out the door. Spit Jack’s drummer, however, took the opportunity to unleash a solo. I loved it. Security, not so much, as it delayed the exodus outside. Then shit got really crazy.

The mass of people gathered on the sidewalk in front of the club discovered that power had gone out for several blocks in either direction on Main Street. Spit Jack, it would seem, had rocked so hard they broke the power grid. [Read More...]
Punks break into Stowe music scene
The Cop Outs and Spitjack had already been building their followings when they appeared together at the eagerly awaited grand reopening of a landmark commercial property little more than a year ago. It was well-attended. It was one of the best local rock shows this reporter has seen. [Read More...]
Spit Jack Supporting Red Fang
Band Name of the Week: Red Fang. This band is making a pit stop while on tour with metal legends Mastodon to throw down at the Higher Ground Showcase Lounge on Tuesday, November 22. They’ll be joined by Spit Jack, recently tabbed in this column as the baddest local band in all the land for a disturbing/amusing tendency to get kicked out of their own shows.
Band name of the week
Band Name of the Week: Spit Jack. This local punk outfit is quickly gaining a rep as the baddest band in the land, having been kicked out of two Vermont venues in recent months for some unseemly behavior. Will they go for the hat trick when they play Manhattan Pizza & Pub in Burlington this Saturday, October 29? I have no idea. But it might be worth attending to find out. And if they are booted, at least two other solid bands are on the bill: Skulls, who describe themselves as “struggling against the current of good vibes and happy hippies” in Burlington with a simple message of “senseless violence and drunken debauchery,” and the Queen City’s sons of Death, Rough Francis, who reportedly have a full-length in the works for the new year. By the way, Spit Jack also have a new EP on deck, Whiskey Eyes, slated for a December release. If any bars will still have them at that point, they might even have a release show. Fingers crossed.