7/18 Charlie O's

Now this will be a show not to miss. Spit Jack, The Tsunamibots and The Pity Whores! Things may never be the same at Charlie O's after this night of debauchery. This could be the last Spit Jack show for quite some time (Damn Toohey!!!) So get your ass down to Montpelier on 7/18!!!

Late Night at the Radio Bean-06/13

Friday the 13th at Radio Bean. Going to be a good time!


Plattsburg here we come!

Looking forward to this weekend! We are taking our musical carnage act on the road to the ROTA Gallery in Plattsburg NY. We will be playing with our friends Sorry Mom and Irradiated Beef. What i'm really curious about is the place we are staying. The reviews of it kept using the words "DISGUSTING" and "AVOID" which is funny because those are the exact adjectives that describe many of our shows!

See you in NY!!!

From Spit Jack comes Love

Had a great time playing our friend Izzys B-day party Saturday night. Rocked out with the Tsunamibots and had a blast hanging out with everyone before,during and after the show. The most memorable moment for us was; a couple came up and said they met at a Spit Jack show. Now I have heard of going to a Spit Jack show and getting a black eye and waking up in strange places but to actually form a a relationship. Well that brings warmth to this cold jaded heart!

4/20 Spit Jack Returns to Stowe!!

Well all good things must come to an end. Stowe resort is closing down for the season and Spit Jack will be there for the giant end of the year Blow out at the Vermont Ale house! Its a Sunday night so plan on being hung over for Monday....Trust us it will be worth it!

Charlie O's Reopens with Spit Jack
Moving on, the other cool show at Charlie O's this weekend marks the welcome return of notorious local punk band Spit Jack, who headline a show with vicious gift (see the review of thier demo on page 66) and Broken Frames on Friday, April 11. SJ have been holed up in recent months breaking in a new drummer, Travis Collins, who replaces Seth Roya, who replaced original drummer Mike Forester, who may or may not have choked to death on someone else's vomit. Or he moved to Michigan. I can never remember which.

Anyway, point is, Spit Jack are back. And I gotta say, they make a curious choice as a band to book so soon after doing a deep clean of your venue. After all, this is a band whose stated ambition is to get kicked out of every bar they play. Methinks this can only end badly, which is to say awesomely. [Read More...]
Going to Smang it Baby!!

We have some fun shows coming up over the next couple of weeks. 4/11 at Charlie O's. Should be a blow out, Charlie O's has been shut down for a few weeks so come on down to Montpelier and drink some whiskey with us! And this just in..... Spit Jack will be opening for Turquoise Jeep at the Higher ground on 4/16!! Smash it and Bang it!

Third Time is a Charm!

Well we have some news! We lost our first drummer to choking on someone elses vomit. Now we have lost Seth with a freak accident where he asphyxiated himself while taking off his underwear. Well now we would like to introduce drummer number three Travis Collins (Last Place Winners, Crossthread, Midnite Blue, Canadian Tuxedo, Meridians,10k Vollt Ghost, Seamus the Great)! Everyone make sure to douse hime with booze and bodily fluids next time you see us play. Speaking of, we have a couple show coming up. Details to follow..........



Soundbites: Predicting the Year to Come in Local Music
Last but not least, Stowe has had a notable live-music void since the Rusty Nail shut its doors about a year ago — which may or may not have had something to do with a rather notorious incident involving local punk band Spit Jack, whiskey, violence and vomit. After consulting with the 7D legal team, let’s say “not.” .........................................
In the meantime, Rusty Nail dudes, I do have Spit Jack’s number if you need it. [Read More...]
We will be back strong in 2014! Thanks for all the support

Well 2013 was a crazy year. Thanks to all the venues and especially to everyone that came out to rock and party with us! We are taking a short break to rest our kidneys, work on some new material, and record a second EP. Check back soon for updates on upcoming shows and Spit Jack news.- Thanks